RIP-IT Brand Baseball Bats

Rip-It bats are some of the quickest growing bats in the industry. Their BBCOR series is one of the most popular in the high school and college ranks. If you really want to get the best on the market you could even try out their Helium BBCOR series. That is if you think you can handle it. Rip-It understands that not all hitters are going for the same thing when they step up to the plate. They are one of the first in the industry to make certain bats for certain hitting styles. If you want to get maximum power and have your best chance for smashing one over the wall then you need to be using their BBCOR One. It has all the pop you need to get the most out of your swing. On the other hand if you are more of a contact hitter hoping to get on base to set the power guys up then the BBCOR Two was made just for you. Not every musician uses a guitar, and not every hitter needs the same thing from his bat either. With Rip-Its BBCOR technology you can finally start getting exactly what you need out of your bat on every swing.