Rawlings Brand Baseball Bats

Rawlings has been around since 1887 making all sorts of sports equipment. In 1977 they replaced Spalding as the supplier of baseballs for MLB. They also are by far the most popular name in baseball gloves and have been for many years. It is believed that as much as half of the major leagues uses Rawlings as their choice for gloves. Their batting gloves are considered some of the tops on the market and many professionals use them as well. They are arguably the leading name in baseball equipment so it is no surprise they also know how to make a great bat. They have many different types and all of them are great. Their 2016 TRIO 3-Piece Hybrid Balanced Baseball Bat that is BBCOR Approved has been getting rave reviews. Their Velo Balanced bat that is also BBCOR approved is another that is considered to be as good as any bat on the market. If you are looking for a good composite bat then the Velo Composite Senior League Baseball Bat will be as good as any that you will find. Rawlings is a name that is ingrained in baseball history. It has been around since the beginning. They are even the creators of the Gold Glove award. If you buy Rawlings you know you are getting a quality product that will be around for the duration.