Marucci Brand Baseball Bats

Marucci Sports was founded in 2002 by the LSU Athletic Trainer Jack Marucci. The Marucci brand has quickly become the bats that the pros use and the list includes a whose who of the greats in the game. Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, Chase Utley and Carlos Beltran are just a few, but it is believed that as many as 1/3 of the majors are now using Marucci bats. The company was started up when Marucci wanted to find the perfect bat for his son but no matter how hard he looked he could never get the right one. He decided to try and make his own and the rest became history. As their wooden bats started to grow they did what any good business does and that is expand to aluminum bats and other baseball accessories. LSU has been a power in the college baseball world so it is no surprise that someone from their camp would be able to do so well in the baseball market. If you want to use the bat that the pros use then try their Pro Model or Pro Cuts. If you want to try out their aluminum offerings then the Cat6, Hex Alloy, and Hex Composite will work wonders for you. You know a company has to be doing things right when they can take over the major leagues in only 13 years!