Louisville Slugger Brand Baseball Bats

Louisville Slugger has been the preeminent name in baseball bats for over 100 years and they keep getting better with age. For the longest time they mostly dealt with wood bats but in recent times that’s changed. I’m sure that the rest of the Aluminum bat industry hated hearing that Louisville Slugger would soon be joining them. It did not take them long to climb the ranks for Aluminum bat sales but nothing less should have been expected from such a prestigious company. They have many great types out including the ‘Prime’, ‘Select’, ‘Omaha’, and ‘Xeno Plus’ just to name a few. But when a company has been at the top of the industry since the 1800s you can trust just about anything that they put out. Their TPX bats have been dominating the little league market for many years now and surely will for years to come. When I was growing up you weren’t one of the ‘cool kids’ unless you had one. And for good reason. Every kid on the team would use one because they were definitely the best around at the time. They are still a great option and always will be. Whether you are looking for an Aluminum bat or a wood bat if you want an expensive baseball bat you really can’t go wrong with Louisville Slugger.