Composite Baseball Bats

If you are looking to get the best possible contact from a bat then composite bats are what you are after. No other type of bat can give you the type of performance you will get from a composite bat. When Louisville Slugger won the bat wars in 2001 with their new composite bat that is when things really started to heat up. Other companies jumped in and before long everyone was making them. That is because they give you the best trampoline effect of any bat that money can buy. If you want the ball to bounce off your bat as best it can then you need to be using a composite bat. They also have great swing weight so not only can the ball get more pop but you can take a better rip at it also. The combination of those two things makes composite bats unbeatable. Then there is also the comfort factor. No other type of bat will have less sting after your hit than a composite bat. Every hitter knows they would do anything to not have to feel that. With composite bats that feeling will be a thing of the past. If you are in a league that allows composite bats and want to give yourself the best competitive advantage you can get then you need to be swinging one every time you step in the box.