Axe Brand Baseball Bats

Axe has been on the cutting edge for bat technology for many years and is always coming up with new ways to improve their product. Any time you buy a new Axe bat you can rest assured knowing you are getting one of the most technologically advanced bats on the market. This year they have been working hard to give players total control of their ball placement and that is why they came out with their HyperWhip™ Composite Cap for total directional hitting control. Also their Endogrid™ technology takes almost all the sting away from your swing when you make rough contact with the ball. They are also upping their design game by putting out lots of vibrant and electric colors so that you can really stand out in the batters box. If you want to get noticed for your skills and your style then Axe is the bat for you. Their adult bats range in price from around $70 to $450 while the youth bats are in the $90 to $275 range.