RIP-IT BBCOR POWER ELITE Baseball Bat, 33-Inch/30-Ounce

Price: $148.53 Price (as of December 17, 2017 3:49 pm - Details)
  • Features revolutionary Rifle Barrel and AIR Technology, resulting in a well-balanced bat with great control
  • Consists of two materials: R3 Alloy and R3 Composite to deliver a long-lasting durable bat with lots of power
  • Has an immense sweet spot thanks to its Acoustic Barrel, which maximizes performance and pop
  • Includes a Contact Grip that eliminates sting while still being incredibly comfortable
  • Is BBCOR certified and legal for high school and NCAA
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This is RIP-IT’s most advanced baseball bat to-date. Using advanced materials, R3 Alloy and R3 Composite, along with AIR Technology, an Acoustic Barrel, Contact Grip and Rifle Barrel design, RIP-IT has created an amazingly balanced, durable and powerful bat with unmatchable performance. The balance of this two-piece bat will especially amaze you when compared to other competitors. This was made possible by utilizing a Rifle Barrel design and AIR Technology. RIP-IT has confidence that you will absolutely love this product, but if you don’t-return it to them. Every RIP-IT product comes with a “Love it or return it” money-back guarantee, along with a 400 day warranty. RIP-IT’s “Love it or return it” policy, allows you 30 days to try out any RIP-IT product and decide if it’s right for you. If you don’t absolutely love it, or have decided on another size or color, send it back to RIP-IT within 30 days of the purchase date and they will give you all of your money back. In addition, all RIP-IT products come with a 400-day warranty. If any RIP-IT product stops performing to the best of it’s capabilities, send it back to RIP-IT and they will repair or replace it. Any Third Party seller who offers RIP-IT products on will be considered a non-authorized RIP-IT retailer.  As such, RIP-IT will not honor the 400 Day Warranty, Love it or return it policy, or Peace-of-Mind policy on any products purchased from a Third Party seller on

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