Louisville Slugger WBVM271-BGL MLB Prime Maple C271 Black HG LG Baseball Bat

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  • Model C271 - Exact same model as Brandon Phillips
  • Amish Veneer Maple
  • High Gloss Finish featuring Lizard Skins grip
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Weight May Vary
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Stronger. Harder. Farther. MLB Prime gives you the chance to swing the EXACT same bat as the big leaguers. MLB Prime is built with the best quality Veneer wood, Amish craftsmanship, our exclusive 360 degree compression to increase hardness, our advanced finish system and is now bone-rubbed for a visible hardness. To guarantee we give you only MLB quality wood, all of our Birch and Maple models feature the MLB Ink Dot — giving you the strongest bat in the game. Birch gives you the best attributes of Maple and Ash, combining the closed-grain stiffness and hardness of Maple and the lighter weight and turning model variety of Ash.

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