DeMarini Vexxum -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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  • From the hottest fires forges the strongest metals: X10 Alloy. Time to turn up the heat and light up the scoreboard. X10 Alloy was designed with a proprietary blend of alloy agents creating an aluminum with the most optimal strength possible.
  • Bob, weave...and explode: C6 Composite. This fully carbon composite has a visibly wider weave pattern, giving it more flex than other designs. This creates a trampoline effect when the ball makes contact with the bat- absolutely jumping off the barrel.
  • Long, stock, and a long smoking barrel: Longbarrel. Inch by inch, DeMarini's Longbarrel design enlarges the sweet spot.
  • As if it needed an exclamation point: N2M End Cap. There is always a little extra room to pack in some more domination.
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The Original Gangster and the Half and Half Bat That Put DeMarini on the Map- The Sweet Science of Destruction. This thug has been crushing it for years and is as mean as ever. Vexxum was an off the rails, over the edge bat, radical departure from the status quo. It was the first of its kind and it has never slowed down. With an X10 Alloy Longbarrel joined to a C6 Composite handle, it provides the largest possible hitting surface, has mad pop and still maintains a light swing weight. This heavy hitting enforcer defined the way DeMarini operates and it’s still thirsty for a good beat down. This is, without a doubt, the best $199 bat in the market.

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