2 Pack Marucci Maple Wood BLEM Baseball Bat – 33-inch

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  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Bone Rubbed to Close Pores for Harder Wood
  • Hand Finished Maple Wood
  • Cupped End
  • Baseball Bat Description
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Because of Marucci’s meticulous production and quality assurance process, some bats don’t make the cut due to various blemishes and won’t be lucky enough to call the dugouts of professional stadiums all around the country their home. These blemishes can range from Tiger Striping in the wood, uneven grain, light/heavy billets, and many other minor cosmetic flaws. Because Marucci wood is sourced from only the highest quality Pennsylvania maple timber, you’re still left with a durable bat that offers reliable and consistent performance from the first swing. Like the very same models Marucci crafts for the best players in the game, these bats have been Bone-Rubbed for an extremely hard finish. This age-old technique, which dates back to the days of legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, consists of applying pressure to the barrel of the bat with a simple cow bone. By pressing and sliding the bone across the full length of the barrel and around its circumference, the wood grains are sealed and compressed; creating a harder hitting surface for optimum durability and amplified performance.

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