Online Poker Phenom Quits to Play Fantasy Baseball

High stakes Limit Holdem players got a bit of good news recently, one of the top regs in the game has decided to call it quits to pursue a career in playing daily fantasy sports.

Anthony “TPirahna” Pirone who has been crushing the online limit games for years has finally reached his breaking point with poker and wants to try a different career path for the future.

He cites a few reasons for wanting to make the switch.  First is that he is just burnt out and doesn’t enjoy the game anymore, saying there are days where he just dreads having to play. He also commented on the state of online poker where it’s not as much about as your skill at the game but more about finding the right seat at the right time, or if not the skill then the scripts to help you.

He also says that as he is getting older it makes it harder and harder for him to concentrate on even 4 tables at a time, and that he needs to take a lot of breaks to not get mentally burned out, where in the past he could put in a full day of mass tabling with ease.

Not only could he do it, he always looked forward to it, but after 10 years its become to much like a job and not the game it used to be. Pirone also cites the overall hassle of being an American and trying to be an online poker player with the travel and the banking issues as a major reason.  He has been living in Canada since Black Friday. IMO he should look into moving to the Philippines or grinding in Thailand.

So now he will turn to Fantasy Sports to try and support himself and his family.  He says that so far he has been doing very well at it, though with a limited sample size of just over 2 months.  No surprise though that he put in mass volume in those months as he played over 9000 daily fantasy baseball tournaments.  After all this is one of the few online poker grinders who has earned over 5 million VPPs on Pokerstars and is in the Pokerstars VIP Club Hall of Fame.

So far he has been focusing on baseball, football and hockey but plans to give NBA a chance with the season upcoming.  Then he will give each a solid sample size to see which he thinks he is best at and which he thinks the competition is worst at, and whatever he deems more profitable will be where most of his attention will go.

So far he says he has been putting in 8 hours a day 6 days a week to get an edge on the competition.