The World’s Most Expensive Baseball Bat?

It is not easy to figure out which piece of baseball memorabilia is the most expensive in the world. One day the highest bid may go to one thing, another day to something else.

However one thing is for certain, these 2 bats will always attract some big bids if they ever go on the market again.

Babe Ruth’s Bat

Babe Ruth hit his first home run in New York Stadium in 1923. Of course he hit many more there and that is why it was called ‘the house that Ruth built.’ He was swinging a Louisville Slugger.

The bat that hit the first shot out of the park once sold for a whopping $1.3 million dollars at a 2004 auction (above left, image via

Louisville Slugger is the most recognizable name on the market and after you own this bat you will see why.  Every kid on the team will hope to use this one when they are up to bat – browse Louisville Slugger’s here.

Joe Jackson’s Bat

‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ (above right) is another name that will always be remembered in the baseball world but it is a little more ‘infamous’ than the Babe.

Shoeless Joe’s bat that he called ‘Black Betsy’ found its way onto the market in 2001 on Ebay. It didn’t go for as much as Ruth’s bat, but the $577,000 it went for wasn’t to shabby. At the time it was the most expensive baseball bat in the world, until Babe Ruth’s eclipsed it.

Maybe if you buy a bat off this site and keep working hard to improve your game 100 years from now your bat may be even more famous than these two. Good luck!