Best Youth Bats on the Market

IMO Easton are putting out the top baseball bats for youths on the market today. Check out's unbiased opinion on it here. Not only do they have the BZ3-Z CCore Easton Redline -5 Z2K Era as the top youth bat ever made but they also have the Easton Omen & Easton Stealth in their [...]

The World’s Most Expensive Baseball Bat?

It is not easy to figure out which piece of baseball memorabilia is the most expensive in the world. One day the highest bid may go to one thing, another day to something else. However one thing is for certain, these 2 bats will always attract some big bids if they ever go on the market again. B [...]

Online Poker Phenom Quits to Play Fantasy Baseball

High stakes Limit Holdem players got a bit of good news recently, one of the top regs in the game has decided to call it quits to pursue a career in playing daily fantasy sports. Anthony “TPirahna” Pirone who has been crushing the online limit games for years has finally reached his breaking [...]