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Baseball has always been a very competitive sport. Spitballs, pine tar, corked bats, fingernail files – the history of the game is filled with people trying to get an edge. Well there’s no bigger piece of equipment in the game than your bat and if you aren’t using a high quality bat then you won’t ever live up to your full potential.


A singer needs a microphone, a boxer needs his gloves, and a hitter needs a good bat. It is so hard to make contact with the ball right?  In how many other acts of life are you considered a star by only succeeding 1/3 of the time? When you finally do make contact with the ball you really need it to be as solid of contact as you can make.


If you are using just an average bat you are rarely going to hit the sweet spot. But if you spend the money on an expensive baseball bat you will be making contact on the sweet spot far more often. Choose wisely and in a few years you may be back to purchase an expensive wooden one when you finally make it to the majors.


We created this site to showcase the best bats money can pay for.

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